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Scared Toothless

21 Apr

Hey all!

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Are you scared of going to the dentist? Calm your nerves and clean your teeth with these five easy steps.



Let There Be Fire Glass

10 Apr

If you’re like me, and constantly waiting for your Hogwarts letter to arrive, then you may be interested in this piece of sorcery. Here I answer your questions about what fire glass is and why fire glass should be in your life. Please read, share, and like to your heart’s content—you’ll make one aspiring writer very happy.



DIY Backyard Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

8 Apr

Summer’s coming folks–get your backyard up to shape by taking a look at these DIY backyard projects that won’t clean out your pocket.

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Creating Healthy Eating Habits for Kids

7 Apr

Is your child a finicky eater with little to no interest in anything green? Check out my tips and tricks for getting those greens into your child’s diet and skip the tantrums along the way.

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Get Your Grill On

5 Apr

Looking to get your backyard summer-ready? Take a look at my 7 tips for making your backyard the perfect hangout for grill season!

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Exciting News!

3 Apr

No, not THE exciting news–the one where I announce that I’ve become the new JK Rowling and all of my hopes and dreams have been fulfilled. The OTHER exciting news: I’m currently in a re-design for my website, it’s under construction for now but it will be ready to reveal in the coming month. It won’t be available here when it’s ready, so I hope that you’ll all consider following me to my new home when the time is right.

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