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Zombies & Doctor Seuss: A Poem

1 Oct

“You’ve got brains in your head, and some toes in  your shoes,

But I’d start with your eyes if I could so choose.

You’re on your own, and you’re scared that we know,

Wait all you’d like, you have nowhere to go.

You sit atop your house, above us all,

You know that we are waiting to cushion your fall.

But cushion we won’t instead we would move,

giving your brains plenty of splatter room.

And if you should fall, then know without fail, 

I will collect all of your insides in a shiny grey pail.

I will take them back home and set the table,

And you’ll be wishing my friend that zombies were just a fable.

Your eyes like I said, are so good to me dead,

But I think that I would flavor the taste instead.

So to the bottom of my gin and soda they will go,

Before I pluck them out with my fingers like so.

And from there I will move to your stomach and heart,

The eating of flesh you see requires an art.

Come on down, there’s no time to waste,

I have many more unwilling humans to taste.”


-Kelsey Elise, Fleshy Fables, 2012