the Third Ring

Lonely and abused seventeen-year-old, Ida-Mae Sawyer desperately yearns for a life other than the humdrum one she currently has. It seems her wish is granted when a violent encounter with her drunk father forces her to flee home in the dead of night and seek refuge in an abandoned boxcar alongside a set of railroad tracks. Soon, Ida is discovered by a strange girl who offers food and shelter in exchange for work aboard the famous Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Train. Ida instantly accepts.

As days turn into weeks and the circus becomes a center point for mysterious disappearances, injuries, and even death, Ida discovers the existence of a century old curse that is quickly approaching its expiration date lest it become permanent.

With the possibility of the death of not only the circus members, but Ida as well, looming ever nearer as well as a Ringmaster who seems a little off his rocker and a jealous conjuror with a penchant for shooting lightning bolts from her hands, Ida must confront her darkest fears and choose between her own life and that of many.

Mixed parts factual evidence and fantasy, the Third Ring weaves fact and fiction, magic and reality, forcing the two worlds to collide in the form of the greatest spectacle on earth.

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