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Exciting News!

3 Apr

No, not THE exciting news–the one where I announce that I’ve become the new JK Rowling and all of my hopes and dreams have been fulfilled. The OTHER exciting news: I’m currently in a re-design for my website, it’s under construction for now but it will be ready to reveal in the coming month. It won’t be available here when it’s ready, so I hope that you’ll all consider following me to my new home when the time is right.

Also, I have a new hub page article out! You can view it here.┬áPlease read and share to your heart’s content, and remember how truly grateful I am for you taking the time to read my articles. It means so much to me and does so much to help further my career.

Are you tired of me yet? No? Good! I’m just getting started. Keep an eye out for upcoming news and announcements about my writing life–I promise there’s more to come!